Small Business Ideas

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small business ideas

There are several options out there to start your small business, but if you are trying to explore more business ideas then ask yourself few questions.

  • What is your interest?
  • Do you have any skills?
  • Can your skill satisfy the market’s certain needs?
  • Who is your ideal customer?

If those 4 questions don’t give you any lead to a business idea, then have a look at the following 30 small business ideas.

These small business ideas require 0 or low initial investments.

30 Small Business Ideas

small business ideas

1. Honey Bees

Money is in Honey!

Love this natural sweetener? there is a rising trend to discourage sugar intake these days, and one of the first alternative choice for sugar is honey.

You can be a part of the change and earn good money with this side hustle, just like every business out there, you will need some knowledge of beekeeping practices.

You will also need some equipment, like beehives, protective wear, a beekeeping suit, veils, and gloves.

You can start in your back yard with as little as two beehives, there are few patented technologies(flow system) you can harvest from your beehive in small batches direct to your jar.

2. Mobile Phone Repair

Almost everyone uses mobile phones, if you are a semi-technical person, who knows common ifs and buts of mobiles, then you should start your own business.

Even if you know nothing about cell phone repair, you can find everything you need to on YouTube.

You will need some repair kits and a couple of charging ports, that is it , and you are good to go.

How to find work? Simply, post your ads on gumtree and market place that you repair broken screen at a competitive cost. Or you can buy broken screen iPhone at a lower price and after repairing them post them back on craigslist and Facebook: market place, and make a good profit, just by flipping.

You can buy screens at a low price from a mobile repair shop in your town. Also, you can even buy them on eBay & Amazon at a very cheap price.

3.Marketing Services

Have you heard a term, ideas worth spreading? the big business owners have marketing teams to execute their ideas and spread them out.

What about the new and small business owners? they have ideas, but they don’t have a team nor they have experience in marketing.

Time to become an independent marketing professional to fulfill the gape out there.

Work with small businesses, as they don’t have enough resources to execute their marketing plan.

You can do several things, such as get their website search engine optimized, write few blogs, and create social media marketing campaigns.

4.Real Estate Maintenance

If you are not into the property and have never considered it to be one of the business options. You are missing out.

There is a common perception that a real estate agent only deals in leasing, buying and selling properties, but there is a lot to do with it.

Being an agent your primary work will consist of dealing with business or private people looking to find a place for an office, house, and apartment.

On top of that, there are properties that require maintenance and servicing. Most of the property owners who found the clients through you would want you to look after their properties with general maintenance.

In return for overall maintenance, you can charge them a decent amount. Usually property owners happy to outsource maintenance issues to someone well aware.

5. Event Planning

Are you good at networking and keeping personal contacts, then why don’t you try being an event planner?

There is always a need for a good event planner, individuals and companies are constantly seeking an event planner to organize their events.

You will be the point of contact for everything, such as the arrangement of catering service, venue designing, music, movie making and so on.

You can start offering your services with small parties like birthday or retirement parties in your community, family & friends circle.

It spread through word of mouth to many, social media is the main promoter of events.

6. Movie/Video Production

Do you love recording videos and have basic knowledge about video editing? Then why don’t you start it as a side hustle and make your way up to an established small business?

People are constantly wanting to share video clips and pictures of the event on social media.

You can learn for Free video editing on YouTube.

The best part about the video production business is, it is a low-cost investment.

7. Podcast production

Are you a good storyteller and do you have an interest in certain sports, a hobby, movie series, or history?

Then turn your stories into an audio podcast, with the popularity of audible and other platforms, private individuals are turning their hobby into a full business.

You might need some basic equipment such as a good microphone and editing software. There are many free editing software available, one of the renowned ones is audacity.

8. I.T support Service

You got knowledge about Computers and related equipment like printers, scanners & some internet wifi connections?

Then use your knowledge to start your IT consulting business.

Small businesses usually don’t have recourse to keep a full-time employee for the tech support, therefore they outsource technology-related issues to consulting companies.

In this business, you will be working in person while visiting the clients or providing remote support.

IT support service is high in demand.

9. Catering business

Do You love cooking? or people admire your cooking in general, then why don’t you start a catering service? if you are already a chef then it is a big plus to utilize your skills.

The catering business is much more manageable and it doesn’t require a huge investment compared to opening your own restaurant.

Once you have enough capital available, you can always open your own restaurant.

Please note, to start a catering business on your own, you might need health & safety approval from the local government.

10 Social Media Marketing

This is a booming industry; small businesses are eager to advertise online but they are not tech-savvy or don’t have enough knowledge to run social media marketing campaigns.

If you happen to be good with social media, then add some more knowledge about social media campaigns for businesses through tutorials and YouTube Videos.

Reach out to the small business and offer them your services. You can approach them through given contacts, such as FB page, Instagram Dm.

You will need a laptop and a smartphone to get the job done by yourself.

Some basic video and picture editing knowledge will be an extra benefit, but you can always outsource that.

11. Tax Consulting

If you are a CPA or an approved agent, then offer your services for business taxes.

You will not only be helping businesses in filling their tax, but also giving valuable tax advice all year-round.

Businesses are more than happy if you can keep their records and files up to date.

Therefore, being a CPA is the perfect foundation for an ideal small business.

12.Public Relation

If you have good public relations, especially in the business space, then a PR agency is a great small business.

Small businesses are seeking out to assist with their public image and existence through press releases, marketing, and platform collaboration.

If you have a good network of contacts in the business space, then start working on this small business idea.

This business idea doesn’t require extensive investment.

13. Photography

You already know that photographers are needed at weddings, parties, or corporate events. That sounds boring and old idea. Well, the technology is asking you to do more than just covering those events.

If you are a good photography then, sign up with stock footage websites like Shutterstock, istock.

And upload interesting pictures, if someone buys your picture through websites, you get the commission.

It is a passive earning hustle on the side, you can carry on along with your main job.

14. Event Space Organizer

Very self-explanatory, people organize their events such as weddings, birthday parties, or even commercial events, all of them require a physical place for the venue.

But, there is a little issue, not everyone is able to find the right place.

Hence, you come to fill that gap.

Partner up yourself with local event planning business be the point of contact for party planning.

This small business idea works great in metropolitan cities. 

15. Interior Decoration

You don’t have to be an interior designer, but if you are great with home décor and love decorating your house, then apply your skills to a very lucrative small business idea.

Work with your personal contacts first, design and decorate their personal and commercial areas, make your portfolio to demonstrate via social media pages or Instagram.

Partner with local furniture suppliers, Curtin & window blind designers, or sanitary shops, work on a commission basis.

To boost your income, stay active on social media.

16. Furniture Work

Do you love doing DIY stuff and have done a fair bit of work with wood and furniture, then why don’t you transform your personal skills into a small business idea?

You can learn pretty much all basic to medium level skills by following tutorials on YouTube and start building stuff in your garage.

Market it on social media, through Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Once your business takes off, move into your own shop.

17. Graphics Designing

Do You know designing? If Yes then perfect, if you don’t know, then don’t worry, there are many free tutorials on YouTube or you can sign up on Udemy and take the graphic designing course.

You don’t need a heavy investment to start this business. A Computer or laptop with reasonable configuration and some designing programs, such as Adobe, Or Canva are sufficient enough.

Now time to find clients, speak out in your community, reach out to businesses through their social media platforms, DM them personally.

Small-Businesses consider these offers because they can’t allocate a big budget for designing and printing through big media companies.

18. Online Boutique

Do you have an interest in T-shirts, Hoddies, or custom printed Mugs? Then opening an online store is a perfect small business idea,

You don’t have to be tech-savvy, sign up with shopify( it is an online platform that provides readymade e-commerce websites).

Install free(Printful) app on your store, add your favorite text on T-Shirt and publish.

You can promote your shirts in relevant communities hanging on social media groups.

It may sound very easier said than done, there are heaps of Free tutorials on YOutube about setting up an online T-Shirt store.

19. Rent out Space

With the advent of technology, it is no longer limited to just bed & breakfast terms, you can now put out your extra room or guest house on Air BNB.

On top of that, if you love to cook and entertain the guest, this is just a new B&B+.

People will share their experience with others, and you get free promotion.

If you happen to live near a touristy area, AIR BNB can give you many clients.

20. Food Truck.

This is more of an adventure; you take the most commonly eaten food item in your truck cook your food with the unique recipe and drive to worlds local events, town squares.

You can also target corporate areas during lunch hours.

Once you become regular to events and locations, people will rush for your delicious food.

You might need local government approval to be health & safety compliant.

21. Landscape

Are you physically fit? and can mow lawns, and plant flowers, then you are almost there to start your small business.

You might need some gardening equipment. Additionally, you will have to come up with a good gardening design to take off for your business.

To get the idea about popular designs, walk around a couple of blocks to understand the common gardening themes.

You can learn more about gardening via free video tutorials online.

22. Pet Grooming Service

Who doesn’t like pets? if you happen to have one then you know about pet grooming too.

You can start your own pet grooming business by providing home services, this way you will not have to spend a huge amount of money to set up your small business.

Advertise your services using social media, and target local areas first.

You can also offer dog walking services to your clients.

Once you establish consistent income through your client, now time to invest and open your own pet grooming parlor.

23.Book Keeping & Accounting

If you are good at calculations & bookkeeping, then you can utilize your skills to help less math friendly business owners.

As a bookkeeper, you will be processing payroll, invoices, expense reports, or even inventory records.

And, if you are a qualified accountant(CPA), you can help the business owners to file taxes and some other accounting documentation.

Bookkeeping can be easier to get in, but if you become a certified accountant then a chance of earning potential becomes big.

24.Business Consultant

Have you been into businesses for a long time? then why don’t you utilize your expertise within the industry? Combine your knowledge, offer your services to relevant businesses and be a business consultant.

This is one of the business ideas that you can run on your own terms, people will call you to speak and address business strategies, improvement of processes, and share your valuable experience.

25. Personal Trainer

Do you go to the gym? and you have your body in decent shape? then get a license to be a certified trainer.

As a licensed personal trainer you can offer training at your home or visit the clients.

You can also lead group sessions in local parks.

Later on, if you find you enjoy what you doing then open your own gym or yoga studio.

Most people don’t open a gym or personal studio, as they can make enough money through their dedicated clients.

26. Online Tutoring

With the advent of technology and the recent pandemic, online learning is a practically a proven method of education.

There is more demand for online tutors than ever before.

How much you can make? if your skill is in demand then you can make up to $30-$50/h, especially if you are a qualified teacher, but It is not necessary.

The best part is you pick your own working hours and teach through the comfort of your home.

You can sign up with an online tutoring platform such as VipKID.

27. House Cleaning

Do you love keeping your house clean and do it in detail? then start a cleaning business, initially, you can start as a domestic house cleaning service.

Put your ad on gumtree for free about your cleaning service, or through Facebook: Marketplace.

You might need to invest in some basic cleaning equipment like, vacuum cleaners, rags, or cleaning chemicals.

You can work your way up by hiring few employees and then work with as large enterprises for office cleaning.

28. Auto Cleaning & Repair

If you drive a car, then for sure you do need a car wash, and it is often the case you don’t get the time to take your car for detailed cleaning. This is not the case with you only.

Hence, why you need to establish your small business around a car wash service.

You can also provide, basic car services, such as oil change, tire services, or bodywork.

This small business idea requires a small investment, such as a pressure house pump, vacuum cleaner, and some cleaning chemicals.

People with a busy schedule are more than happy to accept at-home car wash and service.

29. Handyman

If you are technically sound and can find cheaper and effective solutions for common house repairs, such as plumbing, lock changes, door handles, basic electronic installations then you can utilize your skills by offering your services.

Put yourself out there on social media, you may need some licenses to perform certain tasks in your country.

But overall, there is always a need for a handyman.

30.Dry Cleaners

If you do laundry and have a fair bit of knowledge about dry cleaning, then this is a perfect small business idea.

It may require some storefront, but it will quickly become a well-known spot for nearby residents.

Alternatively, you can contact nearly by motels or Air BNB houses for cheaper pick & drop service for bed sheet and towel dry cleaning service.

Bonus Small Business Ideas

1.Freelance Content writer

If you have finished high school and you are good at writing essays, then content writing is perfect for you.

This is the best work from a home small business idea, you require 0 upfront investment.

Initially, you might find you don’t know what to write about a topic, but if you can do a bit of research on google, it will become way easier to write about any topic.

2.Resell Vintage cloths

If you have knowledge about expensive brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, or anything similar.

You can make a living just by flipping vintage clothing online by posting on Etsy and Poshmark. The profit margin is between 500%-1500%.

you will have to be smart enough to read labels to know it is vintage, typically fashion around the 90s, with bright colors and big designs are common signs.

You can find vintage items in your town through Sunday markets. Or on Facebook market place, and gumtree. These items will require minor repairs that you can do yourself by keeping a sewing machine.

After minor repairs post them back online on Etsy, but make sure you take several good pictures with nice lighting.

And a good description.


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