How To Make Money Without Working

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You can easily make money without working, if you are ready to change(slightly) your spending habits then the earning potential can be even bigger.

 “Rich people invest to generate money, whereas poor people buy expensive things to look rich”.

Your definition of savings maybe be different from others, but in order to make money without working, you need to remove some unnecessary expenses, such as buying a large TV, a new iPhone, the latest drone or expensive sneakers, clothes, or brand new prestige cars.

All of the above items are highly depreciable, on average they lose 10-15% of the value as you get out of the showroom.   

Selling Information Product

No, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. Just write a small (50-60 pages) of eBook and upload it on kindle, if you are not good at writing or in general you don’t like writing long paragraphs then do an audiobook.

Use your mobile phone and download a free voice recording app like RecForge II, you can also download a Free voice editing app such as Lexis Audio Editor on your mobile.

Additionally, you can sign up for Udemy or skillshare and record a video about anything you are good at, don’t say you don’t know what to record. We all have something unique that people are searching for.

Currently, there are more than 4 billion users on the internet, and the numbers are increasing every day, if only 0.000001% are looking for your natural skills, that is 4,000 people as of today.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you use mobile phone? like an average smartphone something like equal to iPhone 5 or Samsung S5 or latest, then you are good to go.

1. Download Instagram App on your mobile, if you already have Instagram & the account then don’t worry, create another account( you can add up to 5 total accounts on your existing mobile phone and same insta app), simply go to your account settings and find the option to add personal account.

This time open an account for something that is related to your hobby or interest. For example, if you like cars, then make an Insta account about cars, and post every day two pics with hashtags of cars.

If you are into animals, then make your account something like for dogs or cats.

Be consistent for a couple of months or so, if your content is good and people love what you share, you will start getting following, and you can reach up to 10k followers within weeks.

As soon as you get over 10k followers, there is a high chance that someone will contact you directly to ask for shout out to your audience regarding affiliate product, or you can also sign up for amazon affiliate which is free, all you need to do is just share the picture of product through Instagram to your audience, if they buy something by clicking your link from bio, you get the cut of that purchase for free, every month.

Alternatively, you can put out your account available for product promotion, people will contact you to share their products with your audience and in return, you get paid.

2. Tik Tok, if you find pictures boring stuff, you can do small clips of your interest and upload them on TikTok, though you can also upload small video clips on Instagram, the chance of going viral on Tik Tok is much higher.

You can get a share of video ads from TikTok platform or affiliate offer similar to Instagram and make money passively.  

Invest In Stock

Time to utilize the money you have stopped spending on unnecessary stuff(as discussed in the introduction).

If you happen to have a good amount of money already saved, then do not put all your money into stocks, in fact only invest 10% of your wealth in a stable company that can generate you a decent dividend yield(share of company’s profit to you) each month, price of stock slowly goes up too, that you can sale anytime in future.

If you don’t have savings to invest in the stock, then save 10% of your earnings each month and invest in stocks.

Flip Items

If you just want to test the water, you can buy several items at a lower price on the marketplace(facebook), and with some negotiation, you can get them even cheaper.

For example iPhones with broken screens are common, you can buy them at a cheaper price and get the broken screen fixed at repair shop, upload them on eBay or market place sale at a higher price and keep the profit.

you can also run free ads on gumtree by stating,” we buy broken screen iPhones at a competitive price”, and leave your contact no.

If you have some amount of money saved then find a wholesale provider in your area or state that provides you merchandise at a lower price, next step you need is to list them on eBay or amazon(through FBA).

Many people have established their online businesses through eBay and amazon, using the above method.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

To understand it, think of it as a new form of mutual funds, where many people pool their capital together and buy a commercial property.

Reits is a company that owns or finances income-producing properties that generate a steady income for you as an investor.

Several REITs are publicly traded, and investors can buy and sell them just like stocks.

Please note, there are 3 types of REITs

Equity REITs: manage income-producing properties

Mortgage REITs: they do not deal directly with the real state, in fact, they invest in real state projects.

Hybrid Reits:  This strategy is a combination of Equity and mortgage.

Advertise or Rent Out Your Car

If you own a car, you have two options to make money without doing much.

You can contact advertising agencies in your city or area about your interest to wrap your car for advertisement, they will ask you a few questions about your driving habits and whereabouts you drive. Companies pay a certain amount per month or per mileage.

The second Option

You can buy a new or used car to put on rent, simply google rent my car, it is great if you have a car and you barely use it. Since a car is a highly depreciable item. Therefore, it is best to put your car on rent and get some money.

Let us know in comments which option you will try.


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