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There was a time when having a degree was extremely valuable, it used to stand you out from the crowd, Job opportunities were already lined up for fresh graduates.

In the past few decade things have changed, the job market is hugely saturated, especially if you have picked a field to Study which has less demand.

After finishing that degree, you will try hard to find work in your field of study, and if you don’t get any job then what Next?

There is a high chance, you will end up working anywhere, in a completely different industry, or maybe something like fast food restaurant or grocery store.

But, what if there was a better approach to avoid these mistakes.

Firstly, think of your education as investment, you have to pick an asset that is excepted to go higher in demand in up-coming future, If you happened to hold an asset in demand then you are highly likely to get better price.

Same goes with you degree, if done properly then the reward is exponential and a better career growth.

Therefore, we have picked 10 degree with potential of high demand in future.

No. 1, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Average Salary $99,000

Bachelor of dental surgery

Put it this way, People are consuming more sugar than ever before which is a leading cause of tooth decaying; on average a soda CAN contain 9 spoons of sugar.

Frequent drinking, snacking, eating cookies, sipping sugary drinks with fast food is just a new normal.

An entry-level Dentist with less than 1 year experience expect to earn $70,000 per year.

Dentist with 1-3 years of experience can earns around $80,000 per year.  

Meaning, the more experienced you are, the more you going to earn.

Do you know? According to statistics, 54% people in US are not happy with their job, there are many reason as to why, but one of the major reason is, they believe, they have reached the dead end of the career, there is no monetary or career growth.

But don’t worry, we will share with you the easiest way to pick the right degree for yourself, make sure you read till the end.

No. 2, Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum), Average Salary $120,000

Pretty much every developed or developing country requires petroleum products, such as, diesel fuel, kerosene oil, liquefied petroleum, gas, and jet fuel.

Petroleum engineers design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the Earth’s surface. 

Petroleum engineers also find new ways to extract oil and gas from older wells.

Mostly, the petroleum engineers work for oil companies. Though, some of them work at universities or research facilities.

An entry-level Petroleum Engineer with less than 1-year experience can get around $70,000 per year.

An early career Petroleum Engineer with 1to 3 years of experience earns an average 90,000.

As you get more experienced, you are expected to earn more.

No. 3, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Average Salary $75,000

Bachelor of pharmacy

Of course, the pharmacists dispense drugs and medicines prescribed by physicians and health practitioners.

But, a pharmacist must possess the medical knowledge necessary to inform his or her customers about the side effects of any drug, such as purpose, hazards.

Pharmacists and pharmacy managers are in the top three highest paid of all professionals.

You will be surprised, the average annual wage of a pharmacist in the United States is somewhere around US$122,000.

In US the country’s pharmacy chains are some of wealthiest companies in the world.

Walmart, which holds around 5% of the prescription drugs market share,  with a total revenue of $515 billion, some of the the richest company in the US.

No. 4, Bachelor of Business, Leading to Business Analyst, Average Salary $80,000

These days, business analyst positions require a candidate to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Business analysts work with organizations to help them improve their processes and systems.

Also, helping the businesses with Implementation of technology and solutions in a cost-effective way. An early career Business Analyst with 1-3 years of experience can earn around $76,000. A mid-career Business Analyst can make upto $95,000 a year.

No. 5, Bachelor of Nursing, Average Salary $72,000

Nursing is among biggest healthcare job in any country. Nurses have many duties, including caring for patients, communicating with doctors, administering medicine and checking vital signs.

There are several reasons as to why nursing is a good career choice. Not only is it a rewarding occupation with unlimited job opportunities, it is a profession that will remain in high demand for decades to come, as the aging population is grown around the world, there is more need of nurses than ever before.

Nurses with 3-5 Experience can earn significantly more than entry level nurse.

No. 6, Bachelor of Cyber Security, Average Salary $100,000

cyber security job

Last year, over 100 million American’s personal data was stolen, that includes, Social security numbers, Banking Information and addresses.

Companies are happy to pay big sum to protect their systems from hackers, who else can do this job better than cyber security experts?

The role requires you to safeguards information system, by identifying security problems. protecting system by defining access privileges, control structures, and resources.

No. 7, Bachelor of Software Engineering, Average Salary $85000

bachelor of software engineering

The demand for this unique skill is higher than ever before. Almost everything is turning into Computer based softwares or business applications.

If you any interest in computer programming or have done fair bit of coding in the past, then this unique skill can land you on many good opportunities.

No. 8, Bachelor of Aviation, Average Salary $110,000

Bachelor of aviation

Pilots earn on average 250 to 300 hundred dollars per hour, while a low-paying pilot does around, two hundred dollars, and you will be surprised the air traffic controller earns more than the pilot, somewhere around 120 Thousand dollars a year, and barrier to entry qualification is very low.

Air traffic controller is easiest to get in, but it is more stressful.

No. 9, Biomedical engineer, Average salary $78000

biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineers can combine their diverse skills to create solutions to continuing worldwide health issues. Keep in mind the aging population is increasing.

In a hospital, a Biomedical engineer provide advice on the selection and use of medical equipment, as well as supervising its performance, testing and maintenance.

This is among the high demand skills, but the down side to entry is, it is a technical course and requires high level of engagement and a will to learn.

No. 10, Bachelor of Law, Average Salary $110,000

Bachelor of law

Taking a wrong step legally can be disastrous specially for business, a small mistake can cause a big financial loss and reputation to the business, hence the right person to seek an advice is a lawyer.

Lawyer’s job is to listen to your problem, give you legal advice, discuss your options, take instructions about what you want to do and help you understand how the law applies to your case, lawyer can save Millions, therefore, it is high paying job.

Lastly, how to pick the right Degree

Firstly, become self-aware. Gaining an objective understanding of your abilities, preferences, values and interests is a key step in determining the best career fit.

Let’s say you are carrying person and love to look after your friends and family then doing bachelor of nurse is a perfect degree, on the other hand if you are good with mathematics and calculations then getting into computer or engineering degree can be a right choice.

If you love giving advices and people often ask your opinion before making decision, then taking a degree business administration is a great option for you.

Whereas, if you can point out positive and negative aspects of project or an action, then being lawyer is great choice.

and if you don’t have any interest and you just want to make great money then be a Professional Athlete.

Bonus Profession, Athlete, Average Salary 1 million to 5 million a year.

Professional Athlete can earn more than a million per year, the barrier to entry is nothing, 0 qualification, you have to be consistent to perform over the longest period of time. The soccer or football Player, such as Messi earned over 84 million dollars in salary, Cristiano Ronaldo 61 million dollars.

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