Celebrities Who Were Homeless

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Homeless to richest people

Some of the richest and famous people that you see on TV actually started their career by sleeping on the streets or in their cars.

The story of these people shows even dreadful situations can be a turnaround.

Here are the top 10 stories of the people who transformed their hard-luck into a great success of all time.

Halley Berry

richest people once broke

She has an interesting story, she came to New York to start her career as an actress at the age of 21, after some days she almost went broke and asked help from her mother back home, in response, her mother refused to provide any financial support.

Halley says it was one of the great things that her mother did. It taught me how to take care of myself.

James Cameron

famous people once broke

While Writing about the Terminator, James Cameron could barely survive and lived in his car for a time. But money wasn’t his main goal, he was committed to direct his screenplay.

Interestingly, when he wrote the script for the Terminator, the production companies liked the script, but they did not want him to be the director.

Cameron Disagreed and partnered with a producer Gale Anne, who bought the script for one dollar, but Cameron Kept the Director Chair.

Chris Pratt

homeless to rich and famous

A little lucky, he went to Hawaii at an age of 19 and worked minimal hours somewhere between 15-20hours per week just enough to cover gas, food, and some fishing supplies.

During his stay, he met actress Rae Dawn Chong while working at a restaurant, his good looks, quickly gave him a pathway to debut, Cursed part III

Chris Gardner

poor in past  now rich

Gardner was living on the streets with his young son, at the same time he was trying to pursue a career in finance, however, he did not have any college degree or any experience.

Later on, he found some work in Dean Witter Reynolds training program, but he was barely making money, and eventually, his wife left.

Fast forward, Gardner is CEO of Rich LLC and he has written two books and a movie,” The pursuit of Happyness”, “ and Start where you are”.

Daniel Craig or Mr. James Bond

Richest of all time

He is successful, but during his early days, he slept on occasion on a park bench and waited tables in London.

Getty Jewel

rich now broke in past

Singer Jewel once lived on the street, according to her, she was fired by her boss, when she refused to sleep with him.

She kept on writing songs and started singing in a local coffee shop, but wouldn’t share her other side of life.

She, later on, managed to make an album that sold around 12 million copies, as per her website.

Jennifer Lopez

rich jlo

Lopez wanted to be a dancer, at the age of 18 she decided to pursue her career, after going into an argument with her mother, she refused to continue going to college and ended up sleeping on a sofa in the dance studio.

The same year she found a dancing job in Europe, and success is since then getting along.

Steve Harvey

rich people now

He is a TV personality when started his career, he barely managed to go through one or two gigs, and all of sudden he was homeless.

He lived in his Ford 1976 Tempo for around 3 years, he would use hotel bathrooms, gas stations, or sometimes swimming pool showers until he was offered to appear on “Showtime at the Apollo”.

Jim Carrey

jim carrey was broke

He dropped out of high school and lived in VW bus along with his family, they also moved into Jim’s older sister lawn and parked the van there.

As per Jim, during those tough years of life, he developed this sense of humor.

Michael Oher

michale horhay rich now poor

He was living on the streets and his mother was a drug addict, he was taken by a wealthy family that landed him to play football at Mississippi University, he managed to get in Baltimore Ravens in 2009.

There is a movie based on his true story called The Blind Side

Charlie Chaplin

charli was broke once

According to charlichaplin.com , after the death of his father, his mother was put in a mental hospital and he and his brother had to find a way to make living by themselves.

Since his parents were in showbiz already, Chaplin and his brother thought to follow suit, he is one of the greatest actors from silent films from the past.

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