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Online tutoring is now a booming industry, thanks to the pandemic, if you came here to find a top online tutoring job, you are at the right place.

Why Online Tutoring is expanding? the advancement of technology is the main factor and its practical implementation has been proven in the pandemic.

When all of sudden everyone had to stay home, online became the alternative platform of teaching.

It is convenient for both students and teachers, saves you a lot of time in traveling. Plus, flexibility to spend more time with your family, on top of that if you are wanting to teach International students then Online tutoring is the way to go.

What do you need to start?

Do you speak English? Do you have a laptop or computer with a webcam and microphone? Do you have stable internet at home? If your answer is yes, then you are good to go.

How much you can earn?

There is a range between $12 – $50/H, it comes down to the subject or profession in demand.

Demand for math tutoring, Computing, Science, Business, and English teacher for English as a second language(ESL) is higher.

Almost everything that could be possible to teach online is now available online, universities and colleges are rapidly transferring into online degrees. Though, subjects like medical and mechanical engineering where the practical demonstration is mandatory, still require students to attend classes in person.

Please note, to be an online tutor or teacher, it is not necessary for you to have a relevant degree or experience.

Best Paying Online Tutoring Jobs

best teaching jobs online

Here are the 20 top-paying online tutoring jobs.


It is based in Beijing, if you are interested in teaching English, VIPkid is one of the best online teaching jobs, it offers you everything as a teacher. Such as Lesson planning, Curriculum development, and grading so that you can only focus on your students.

The usual contract duration is around 3-6months, so you can plan ahead and schedule everything according to your circumstances.

Payments are made through direct bank deposits.

How much you earn?  $13 – $19 per hour, more incentives are available.


  • some experience in teaching is great, especially in English.
  • Bachelor’s degree is a big YES.
  • Tech equipment like Laptop, Web, Mic with the internet is mandatory.

Pros & Cons

You can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Downside, the schedule is set for two weeks, any changes at the last minute is hard cancel classes.

2. Magic Ears

Magic is constantly seeking teachers to teach English to the children in China. It is usually a group-based class setup, where you can have 3-6 students in a group, the class duration is 25-35mins long.

The best part is that the curriculum is already designed for you, you have to do lesson planning only.

On the Magicears portal, there are certain available slots to choose from.

you pick your time, similar to cinema tickets you are shown with available seats that you can pick from.

Though options are not many.

How much you can get paid? Pays $26 USD/hour, there are some other incentives, but not available all the time.


  • Teachers to be native English speakers
  • A Bachelor’s degree, or active ongoing Bachelor’s program
  • 120-hours ESL certification
  • Some teaching experience

Please note, you have to go through an interview, so prepare yourself beforehand.

Pros & Cons

Higher pay than any ESL company, good students, an awesome option for work from home.

Downside, you will have to make yourself available during CT hours like 0600am to 0800am and during weekdays.

3. Lingoda

You don’t have to be necessarily an English teacher; this is more of a Eurocentric platform. Meaning, if you are Spanish, German, or French and a native English speaker, all of them are welcome.

The majority of the students are in group forms, and they are adult students from around the world, and you have the flexibility to set your hours out of the given slots.

How much you can make? The pay rate is average somewhere between $10-$17, as Lingoda considers you to be a part-time teacher.


  • C2 or above level of the language you would like to teach.
  • A certificate to teach your chosen language as a foreign language.
  • At least 2-3 years of valuable teaching experience

Pros & Cons

The best part is anyone can be a teacher, and you don’t have to be just a native English speaker, no minimum hours are required, there is a range between 5-20hrs Per week.

The downside is you need to be experienced.


If you are living in the US or Canada plus have a bachelor’s degree or currently pursuing, then Qkids is the perfect option for you. This online tutoring platform connects you with young Chines students age between 05-12.

Qkids is designed on a game-based platform while keeping early age students in mind. It provides a fun and dynamic learning platform.

The best part about Qkids is, the hiring process, it is simpler.

How much you can earn? The hourly rate is somewhere between $14-$20.


  • Bachelors degree
  • Be in North America
  • Not living in California

Pros & Cons

Pros, the pay is better, there are many students, you can get good hours during the week.

Downside, it requires interviews along with demo classes, and if you are in California you are not eligible, as Qkids treat you as an independent contractor.

5. SayABC

This is quite similar to Qkids dedicated to Chinses students between the age of 5-12, this company offers certified teachers, the on boarding process for new applicants is fast and you can start teaching in less than 2 weeks’ time.

sayABC is a sister company of VipKID, as the company is growing at a faster pace, they had to shift their platform load by creating another company, the demand for a teacher is increasing every day.

How much you can earn? there is 40mins class and the rate is standard $17.


  • Native level of English
  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • 1+ year teaching experience
  • Relevant certification (TEFL, TESOL, etc) preferred

Pros and Cons

Pros, it is part of the already renowned group VipKID, hence there is consistent work available for a teacher.

Downside, you have to have a bachelor’s degree with 1-year experience plus relevant Certification.

6. EF Teach Online

EF  Teach is also an online tutoring website, teaching children in China, teaching them how to speak English. But it is unique, the students are required to come in at a physical location in China.

This physical presence provides a highly engaging environment for students.

The students are one on one with the teacher, hence the learning and teaching experience is more focused compare to other platforms

How much you can earn? you can earn up to $20/h.


  • Fully fluent English speaker – C2 level
  • Bachelor’s degree with any major
  • TEFL certification (40 hours or more)
  • Reside in the US

Pros & Cons

The pay is better compared to other platforms, plus you are dealing with a single student.

Downside, the requirement is higher compare to other platforms.


It is UK based recruitment agency, hiring teachers from North America with a focus on a neutral English accent. The candidate should have current ESL teaching experience or teaching certificate along with a bachelor’s degree.

The age of students will be between 05-12, the teaching hours will be 7am-11am EST, and weekends 11am-11pm.

How much you can earn? around $20/h plus.


  • Native English speaker –Neutral accent
  • Bachelor’s degree with any major
  • TEFL certification (40 hours or more)
  • You will be teaching student one on one.

Pros & Cons

Great pay rate and one on one teaching.

Downside, you have to have a neutral English accent.


An online marketplace for students and teachers for more than 250 subjects, based in Chicago & Illinois.

Tutors set their own rates, subject wise, hence the pay range is not fixed, though the site takes a commission cut on payments.

How much you can earn? The range of earning is $20-$60, as you set your own rates.


You have to create your profile, by stating your experience and academic credentials

  • Years of experience teaching or tutoring that subject
  • Degree(s) related to the subject
  • Job title, profession, industry
  • Certifications, licenses, and awards

Pros & Cons

The best part is you can make great money by picking your clients at your own desired time with mutual agreement.

Downside, Wyzant takes %20+ commission.

9. Dada ABC

It is a top-rated chinses online education provider that is actually partnered with Pearson, Highlights & TESOL institutes. With the certificate only, you can get onto the platform.

When you start you will be loaded with Trial classes until you pick up some regular students. It becomes much easier with regular students as you get to know their English level, but the trial classes are easy.

How much you can earn? It is between $15-$25/h, + Incentives. You can be paid better if you sign a longer-term contract.


  • Fully fluent English speaker.
  • Bachelor’s degree with any major, or
  • TEFL certification (40 hours or more)

Pros & Cons

Some classes are “conversational English” – where you’re pretty much just talking, if, No classes booked? you get paid 50% of your wage.

Keep your phone close to you, as they send a message when a new class is booked.

Downside, you get two minutes between classes to complete the comments and homework, though you can do it later on, if you forgot to submit, you don’t get paid.

10. Preply

One of the top platforms in online tutoring, it has a variety of subjects to choose from and designed for anyone around the world.

According to Forbes Research, Preply has 47,000+ registered tutors teaching in 27 languages, almost 100,000 students had found tutors using the platform by 2019.

The company has highest rating 4.8 out of 5 on glassdoor.

How much you can earn?  the weekly pay outcome is around $500-$550.


  • You don’t need to be a certified Teacher.
  • Teaching Experience is recommended.

Pros & Cons

It is a great company with flexibility, the majority of the students are adults.

Downside, high commission when you startup, but it goes to 33%, and if you stick around it go as low as 18%.

11. Cambly

It is the easiest platform to start your online teaching career, it is an app where you log in to chat in English with students for free from around the world. As you start your formal session of communication, you make around $0.16/Min.

You get paid via PayPal, every Monday.

How much you can earn? You can make around $10.20 per hour.


  • No teaching certificate
  • No bachelor’s degree
  • No prior teaching experience needed
  • Only Native English Speakers.

Pros & Cons

No formal qualification is required, plus no need to follow time table or schedule classes.

Downside, you get paid lower compare to other organized platforms.

12. Kaplan

It is considered to be one of the biggest education providers, it has partnered with universities and colleges, hence why, it has a big chunk of registered students.

Kaplan offers, guaranteed money, and you don’t need to hunt for students.

How much you can earn? Initially, you get paid around $21.75, as you make your profile better, the chances of earning more money gets higher.


  • Teaching experience isn’t required, but you should know how to engage a class and have a passion to help others succeed.
  • To teach most exams, you should have scored in the 90th+ percentile as per the official website and their pre-entry test on the website.

Pros & Con

A large number of students to pick from, and you get paid without high commission cuts, and chances of getting better pay.

Downside, you will have to be physically available for some of the very high paying subjects.

13. Italki

The place for any language you know about and willing to teach, no restriction whatsoever. It is a marketplace for tutors and students, and you can set your hourly rate on your profile.

Don’t raise your price too high, as the number of students will become limited.

How much you can earn? You get to set your hourly rate. Some people charge $75/H


There are two categories

As a community tutor, you have to be the native speaker of the language you are going to teach.

As a professional teacher: you are required formal, and relevant qualifications like a certificate or bachelor’s degree.

Pros & Cons

You have a variety to teach, to the people from the different parts of the world, the better the profile and the reviews you have, the more you are going to earn as a tutor.

Downside, if your native language happened to be saturated then the earning potential becomes very slim, especially if you are only in the community tutor category.

14. Landi English

The platform was designed by focusing location independent lifestyles for the teachers who love traveling, Landi uses CLIL(Content & Language Integrated Learning) system.

This is a perfect platform if you are searching to teach English without any formal experience.

Students: Classes are 25 minutes and have 2 students. The students are generally 4-6 years old (90% of students), few students are up to 12 years old.

This is indeed a good platform to start an English teaching career and gain experience.

How much you can earn?  Around $15-$28/H, mostly incentive and performance-based pay structure.


  • Be a native speaker with a neutral accent.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or above?
  • A teaching certificate is preferred.

Pros & Cons

Can earn Consistently up to $1440 a week with 20-32hrs, on-time pay in USD.

The downside, Platform is strict, student-centric, the minimum number of hours must be done which is 12hrs/week.

15. English First

If you want to teach abroad in China, English first is the right place, they also offer an online teaching platform that you can access anywhere in the world.

English first has flexible working hours with adults as well as with children, this is also a great option if you are studying too.

How much you can earn? $11-$12/H.


  • Fluent English speaker (C2 level)
  • TEFL certification
  • Must be based in the UK or US.

Pros & Cons

The flexibility of being anywhere without formal experience you get to teach English.

Downside, the pay is not high compared to other platforms.

A place for experts, professionals, highly qualified teachers & professors with Ph.D.

The focus of is to provide a platform for passionate career oriented people who are ready to help other students in their journey.

They provide tutoring services in more than 200 academic subjects.

How much you can earn? The pay range is between $10-$16. Pay increases on contractual agreements.


  • Reside in the U.S.
  • Have a valid Social Security Number.
  • Working Rights in the U.S.
  • Available at least, five hours per week.

Pros & Cons

Schedule your time when available, a legit place to make money.

Downside, you have to have a compelling profile to attract more and more students.

17. English Hunt

English hunt is for native US residents only, who are willing to teach adult Korean business students.

Curriculum ranges from free-talking to test-prep instruction.

This is usually one to one class arrangement. The average class duration is around 20 minutes.

A pre-planned curriculum is already given.

You can work from anywhere in the world.

How much you can earn? $14-$18/H.


  • You need to have an ESL certification.
  • Be available during working hours from 4 am-7 am EST.

Pros & Cons

You don’t need a formal degree; a certificate can enable you to be qualified

Downside, the pay is below average, entry requirement for the platform may vary with time.

18. TutorMe

A wonderful platform for tutors, it offers convenience. Tutors do not have to stick to a certain schedule. However, they are free to work according to their own convenience.

The platform is equipped with amazing tools that are really helpful during the study sessions.

There are a range of subjects to teach from, such as, from Chemistry, Math to American Sign language, and so on.

The platform itself sends you students once you got approved.

How much you can earn?  $14 – $21/h.


  • Must be at least 18 +.
  • Previous tutoring or teaching experience.
  • Be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited university.

Pros & Cons

Great part-time work, Fair pay rate, flexibility, amazing platform, and tools.

Downside, some lessons are highly competitive.

19. Palfish

Well known due to its flexible online teaching option, it is basically an app that enables you to connect with students using your mobile phone or tablet.

Once you setup your profile, it gives you an immediate start.

You can get to teach adults and children.

Setup your own rates.

Class size is one on one.

How much you can Earn?  $17-$25/h.


  • Some experience in teaching with students under 12.
  • Able to be online from about 6-9 pm, Beijing Time.
  • Have a certificate in English Teaching.

Pros & Cons

You don’t have to be a native English speaker, when a student doesn’t show up you get 50% pay for the full-time duration.

Downside, you will have to make your profile more appealing to attract more students.

20. ITutor

A Place for qualified teachers, very competitive wages with an easy-going schedule.

Their aim is to connect qualified teachers to become a global leader in providing personalized online instruction to ALL students—regardless of circumstance.

How much you can earn?  Base pay $7+Incentives can lead up to $24/h


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • TESOL/TEFL or equivalent
  • Able to commit to 10 peak hours a week
  • Teaching experience is preferred, but not mandatory

Pros & Cons

Students were motivated, Set up your own schedule (when available).

Downside, unstable pay outcome due to the incentivized structure.


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